Your Journey in Healing!

The Bowen Technique moves the fascia and soft tissue in purposeful gentle “rolling-type moves” to deliver signals to the bodies nervous system that stimulate fascia, joints, ligaments, meridian lines, muscles, nerves and tendons.  

This technique is a whole-body modality which allows the body to shift from sympathetic (fight flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest) while helping the area of concern. 

Assessment of Biomechanics

What to expect during your first Bowen Therapy Session

The first session will be comprised of an initial intake, body assessment and treatment.   It’s recommended to drink water before the session so the fascial network can loosen for best therapeutic response within the cells and tissue. 

During your session, Bowen moves are applied through loss, light clothing while laying on a massage table.

The fundamental principle of Bowen Therapy is that the client’s body is doing the healing. 

In order to facilitate this, your therapist allows 2 minutes integration (rest) between each move to allow the body and brain to focus on the signal created by the move.  

Bowen Technique is appropriate for all ages and health spectrum. 


Bowen Therapy AfterCare

Drinking water after your session will help to flush toxins and lubricate the cells, fascia and joints in the body.  Stay Hydrated!

Gentle walking or swimming each day is recommended for 30 minutes

Avoid overwhelming the body with other bodywork even self-applied physical therapy within 5-6 days after your Bowen Therapy session, Partly to learn the effect your body experience from your session

Get up and move every 30 – 40 minutes even if it is a few steps while working, driving or running errands. 

Place Even distribution on your hips, and lower back and hips while standing or sitting. Recommend Not crossing your legs

Heavy Exercise will stop your Bowen Therapy session from working especially right after.  For athletes limit exerting the area of concern and allow the area to heal.

Have an Epson Salt bath with warm water to increase healing time and relieve soreness….remember too hot or cold can bring your body out of homeostasis which the body needs in order to heal.